The Himalayan Call: Photography Contest

The Himalayan Call: Photography Contest; Theme: Capturing Mountain Livelihoods

Theme: Capturing mountain lives

About the Candidate

There is no age limit to enter the contest, anybody is eligible to enter.

Terms & Conditions

  • The site of the photo(s) must be from the Indian Himalayan Region.
  • The photo(s) must be submitted as a high-resolution JPEG (as high as your camera will allow).
  • Submitted photos must be original, created and/or taken by the contestant - no copyrighted images may be used.
  • Each contestant may submit up to 5 photos for the competition.
  • You are required to provide a unique title & description for each image submitted.
  • IMI reserves the right to assess and disregard any submitted photo at its discretion.
  • The decision of the IMI judging panel will be final and binding.
  • By submitting their photos to IMI, participants agree to grant IMI free of charge the right to use the photo in any manner and media, including without limitation, the right to publish, adapt, distribute, copy, display or translate in printed or electronic media even if they are not the winning entries. The copyrights shall remain vested with the photographer of the image.
  • The photographer will be duly credited with mention of their full name wherever their photos are used.
  • Submissions will not be accepted once the deadline lapses.
  • The winners of the competition will be notified by e-mail. If an entrant is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made to do so, IMI reserves the right to offer the prize to the next best entry.
  • The results and the winners will be announced on IMI’s social media – Twitter, Instagram and Website.
  • Photos that have won previous awards may be submitted again, unless otherwise mentioned in the contest specific rules.

The Prizes

Prize amount: 1st prize – Rs 40,000, 2nd prize – Rs 30,000, 3rd prize – Rs 20,000, and 3 special prizes of Rs 10,000 each. 

How to enter

Submissions must be sent to: by 25th November 2019.