Climate Change

The Himalayan region is ecologically very fragile and highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and in the recent decade, it has adversely affected all aspects of life for mountain communities.Climate change has been the crosscutting issue of discussion in all of the summits and meets organized by IMI.

IMI feels that it is especially important to focus on:

  • Climate Change and Impact on Gender
  • Climate Change and Impact on Water Security
  • Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Mountain Desertification and Impact on Mountain Communities

IMI is undertaking a project “Understanding Mountain Peoples’ approach and practices to combating Climate Change in the Indian Himalayan Region: Research to Renewal and Reforms” under National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS) to further the research on climate change practices. One key component of the project is the establishment of a ‘Young Researchers’ Forum’ to further the knowledge generation by young people from the IHR.