The Seventh Sustainable Development Summit (SMDS)

The Seventh Sustainable Development Summit (SMDS) held in Solan, Himachal Pradesh on 3rd and 4th October, 2018, carried the theme of “Well-being of next generation of farmers in the Himalayan region” and brought into focus the central issues on Mountain livelihood in relation to the changing dynamics of ecology, social dynamics and economic developments.

The technical sessions of SMDS were divided into three sessions, namely the Ecological, Social and Economical drivers of changes and were followed by the Integrative Session. The Integrative Session carried forward the key learnings from the three sessions were discussed and action points deliberated. The concluding session was on Youth Perspectives on New Age farming in the Indian Himalayan Region. The overall event spanning two days of the SMDS at Solan was followed by the Conclave of Himalayan States: Well Being of the Next Generation of Himalayan People on 5th October at Shimla, jointly organized by HIMCOSTE, IMI and Shoolini University.

Himachal Pradesh
Sustainable Mountain Development Summit