International Youth Day 2021 -Transforming Food Systems is extremely pertinent for the Himalaya

August 5, 2021

The Indian Himalayan Region  has a rich diversity of food cultures from cultivated, foraged and pastoral agroecology which include culinary processes, preparation and preservation. This diversity has provided nutritional security and livelihoods to mountain people. However, mountain food cultures are fast eroding with the onslaught of the food industry, globalisation and homogenisation of food and taste. This impacts the socio-ecological landscape, agrobiodiversity, traditional knowledge and practices of food, loss of dietary diversity and nutritional security.

Youth conversations on the changing trends in food systems and the celebration of local food cultures are a means of building resilience in the IHR. The Youth of Darjeeling Himalaya Initiative along with the Integrated Mountain Initiative is facilitating a webinar on International Youth Day 12 August 2021 11:00 am to 1:00pm IST. The webinar will be interactive as well as have inputs and contribute to building back better using the lens of food systems....

Integrated Mountain Initiative
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