Legislators’ Dialogues

The Legislators’ Meet is an important annual event which brings together legislators from mountain states to deliberate and examine key policy measures and highlight issues from the vantage point of the mountain states. This is hosted as an important part of Integrated Mountain Initiative’s (IMI) annual ‘Sustainable Mountain Development Summit’ (SMDS) which addresses key challenges and opportunities of salient themes related to sustainable development of mountains and hills, calling for action.

This is done with the following expected outcomes in mind:

  • Engage legislators on key policy interventions necessary for taking the outcomes of SMDS forward.
  • Strengthen regional level cooperation to make collective submissions towards national policies on the development of mountain and hill regions.
  • Identify avenues of urgent focus and potential from the perspective of legislators.

Other than the annual Legislators’ Dialogues during the SMDS, we also conduct state and regional level legislators meets. This is done with the aim to bring together experts and legislators together. These platforms have proven to be a useful tool in opening up different avenues of collaboration.

Integrated Mountain Initiative
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