Sustainable Habitats

The IHR has witnessed rapid urbanisation in the past one decade, owing to expanding population which has resulted in increasing congestion in urban centres and conversion of rural areas into urban centres. The forest cover has been under rapid decline as more and more land is being opened up for urban activities. The expanding cities of the Himalayas are beginning to see the same problems as the cities of the plains – from mountains of garbage and plastic, untreated sewage, chronic water shortages, unplanned urban growth, transportation bottlenecks and pollution (air and water).

Proper planning and scientific development is paramount to ensure that undue pressure is not put on its natural resources as well as to prevent degradation of its ecosystem. Recurrent issues raised and suggestions made on sustainable habitats in the mountains have been centred around:

  • Waste Management
  • Transportation and Traffic Management
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Sustainable energy
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